We place a great deal of importance on student and staff wellbeing at Settlers Farm with currently 2 Assistant Principals focussing on wellbeing along with SSOs, our pastoral care worker and Aboriginal Community Education Officer  who have a focus on wellbeing and supporting students. We are also part of the ‘Grow Wellbeing’ program having a mental health professional on site twice a week for students and staff to talk to and receive support

We have staff trained in Beyond Blue’s ‘Be You’ initiative and are fortunate to have a Pastoral Care Worker (PCW) to provide ongoing support and preventative strategies to ensure students are in a positive frame of mind to get the best out of their learning.

Interoception Room

Interoception at SFC is where children learn about themselves emotionally and obtain skills to self regulate by using specific, healthy strategies so they can carry on with their day.
When children are regulated they are more receptive to their learning and become better at recognizing wellbeing status. In the Interoception Room we cater for individual support or with small groups.

“The Interoception Room has now got “The Magic Carpet”. The Magic Carpet is an interactive projection system that stimulates and engages students of all ages and abilities. This device responds to gestures, eyes and touch. The Magic Carpet supports the curriculum, mobility, calming therapy with many more apps available, with the ability to create your own app. The Magic Carpet demands attention from the student making it fun, promotes collaboration and helps controlling behaviour.

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